Holiday Surprise Gift Bags

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You've taken care of EVERYONE else this Holiday Season - Let US take care of {YOU}!!

Receive $250+ of items for only $150!! Holiday Surprise Bags can include anything from Tunics, Leggings, Dresses, Purses, Wallets and Scarves to Jewelry, Wraps, Tanks and MORE!! Let us know your Clothing + Shoe Size and we'll do the rest!!

After you've made your purchase, please email with the Subject Line: Holiday Surprise Gift Bag. We want to know what your FAVE Current {Jolie} is, your favorite Colour and MORE so that we can try and make this the MOST Magical Holiday Season for you!

Your FAVE {Jolie} may or may not be included in your package but we will do our best to curate items based on your style selections!

These are considered {FINAL SALES} and items received in the Holiday Surprise Bags cannot be returned or exchanged.

** PLEASE NOTE: As these Holiday Surprise Bags are so Highly Discounted, there will be NO Coupon Code Redemptions for these Purchases. All Holiday Surprise Bags purchased using Coupon Codes/ATB Boostrs will be reversed and refunded.


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