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Our Team

We are real women who have fought our battles but have also found our tools of empowerment that enrich our lives and make it all worthwhile.


Nicole - Owner/Operator

Battles: Self-Image, Past Abusive Relationship, Difficult Child Delivery x 3

Tools of Empowerment: Leopard Print, Popcorn, Baths, Dirty Dancing, Blankets, Mugs, Antiquing, Candles, AMAZING Food, Travelling, Interior Design, Prayer + Worship

Fave Style: Slouchy, Distressed Denim, Graphic Tees, Dresses, Booties


Megan - Director of Operations

Battles: Self-Image, Depression, Self-Doubt, Feelings of being not good enough

Tools of Empowerment: Husband + 5 kids, Dance Parties, Home Decor, Summers on the Beach 

Fave Style: Denim Jacket, Black


Reni - Boutique Manager

Battles: Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Depression

Tools of Empowerment: My Family + Friends, Reading, Chocolate + Popcorn, Heated Blankets, Lazy Days with TV Shows and Movies

Fave Style: Cardigans + Jeans, Scarves, Black Every Day


Sherece - Warehouse

Battles: Being put on the Spot, Hormones, Icy Roads

Tools of Empowerment: Hubby, 3 Daughters + Pooch, Checklists, Popcorn, Worship Music, reading, Travelling, Formula 1, Frozen Chocolate, Organizing + Mascara

Fave Style: Denim Jacket, Black + White, Vans, Socks


Jenn - Stylist

Battles: Depression, ADHD, Being an Introvert, Self-Image

Tools of Empowerment: Worship + Prayer, Trusting the Lord

Fave Style: Black on Black, Jeans + Converse and Boho


Micheala - Stylist

Battles: Anxiety, Self-Doubt, Depression

Tools of Empowerment: My people, Floofy Cats, Creative Outlets, Warm Baths, My Small Business, Concerts, the Mountains and the Sea

Fave Style: Funky + Comfy


Amy - Warehouse

Battles: Anxiety, Negative Self-Talk + Body Image, Overthinking

Tools of Empowerment: Meditation, Spin, Shopping, Camping, Candles, Daily Affirmations, Spending time with my Husband, 2 Boys + Fur Baby

Fave Style: Graphic Tess, Distressed Jeans, Leggings, Cozy Sweaters


Fern - Warehouse

Battles: Self-Worth, Body Image, Imposter Syndrome

Tools of Empowerment: Yoga, Prayer + Worship, Spending time with my Dog, Having Conversations with Friends + Family

Fave Style: Leggings, Comfy + Cozy, Toques, Converse, all Black


Hailey - Stylist

Battles: Cancer, Anxiety, Self-Confidence and Body Image

Tools of Empowerment: Exercise, Watching + Playing Hockey, Spending Time wioth Friends + Family, Movie Nights, Chocolate, Cuddling with my Dog, Music, Reading and Travelling

Fave Style: Graphic Tees, Cardigans, Leggings or Jeans + Sneakers