Our Team

We are real women who have fought our battles but have also found our tools of empowerment that enrich our lives and make it all worthwhile.


Battles: Self-Image, Past Abusive Relationship, Difficult Child Delivery x3
Tools of Empowerment: Stripes, Popcorn, Baths, Blankets, Mugs, Antiquing, Candles and Traveling
Fave Clothing Style: Off-the-shoulder and slouchy.


Battles: Chronic Illness, Self-Image, Delivering a Premature Baby, Anxiety
Tools of Empowerment: Chocolate, Giggles, Plaid, Slippers, Kindred Spirits, Art, Photography, Play and the Outdoors
Fave Clothing Style: Boots, great jeans and a cozy hoodie.


Battles: Self-Image, House fire, Community fire, Depression, Single mom for 5yrs, Body image post 3 c-sections
Tools of Empowerment: Coffee, Laying on the back deck in the sun in silence, Popcorn, Stripes, Humour
Fave Clothing Style: POCKETS, STRIPES, Loose fitting


Battles: Body-Image, Eating Disorder, Balancing Finding Herself and Motherhood
Tools of Empowerment: Diet Coke, Running, Candles, Champagne Date Nights with Hubby
Fave Clothing Style: Basic tee and skinny jeans.


Battles: Depression, Poor decisions early in adulthood, Second guessing myself
Tools of Empowerment: Fashion, Wine, Netflix, Coffee, Fries, Great friends, Reading
Fave Clothing Style: Layers, Distressed jeans and Chucks!


Battles: Anxiety, Lack of self-confidence, Saying "yes" to others at the expense of my own needs.
Tools of Empowerment: Coffee, Popcorn, Iced-tea, Humour and a "Look Good, Feel Good" attitude.
Fave Clothing Style: Clothes that hug you, good jeans, heel and boots. Always a touch of jewelry.


Battles: Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, Having a special needs Daughter
Tools of Empowerment: Running, Camping, Candles, Popcorn, Books, Cooking and Throw Pillows
Fave Clothing Style: Skinny jeans and Tank tops.


Battles: Low self esteem, Years without friends, Lack of body-confidence, Depression
Tools of Empowerment: Family games nights, Traveling, Bubble baths, Random Acts of Kindness
Fave Clothing Style: A great boho tank, Tunics with POCKETS!!, Cute little jean jackets