Our Team

We are real women who have fought our battles but have also found our tools of empowerment that enrich our lives and make it all worthwhile.


Battles: Self-Image, Past Abusive Relationship, Difficult Child Delivery x3
Tools of Empowerment: Stripes, Popcorn, Baths, Blankets, Mugs, Antiquing, Candles and Traveling
Fave Clothing Style: Off-the-shoulder and slouchy.


Battles: Self-Image, House + Community Fire, Depression, Single Mom for 5 years
Tools of Empowerment: Coffee, Popcorn, Stripes + Laughter
Fave Clothing Style: Pockets, Stripes + Oversized Pieces


Battles: Depression, Poor Decisions Early in Adulthood, Second-Guessing Myself
Tools of Empowerment: Fashion, Wine, Netflix, Coffee, Fries, Friends + Reading
Fave Clothing Style: Layers, Distressed Jeans + Chucks


Battles: Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, Having a Special Needs Daughter
Tools of Empowerment: Candles, Running, Camping, Popcorn, Books + Cooking
Fave Clothing Style: Skinny Jeans + a Tank


Battles: Auto-Immune Disorder, Confidence, not being able to Conceive Naturally
Tools of Empowerment: Chocolate, Reading + Friends
Fave Clothing Style: Cardigans + Leggings