Available at 12am on Friday, March 17, 2023!! LIMITED QUANTITIES

What's better than buying yourself $100 worth of {Jolies}?? How about buying them for only $50!

We KNOW you've been waiting ANXIOUSLY for these!! These codes are VALID April 1, 2023 - April 30, 2023. If you have not used your code within those days, it will revert back to its original $50 Value - no exceptions. New $50 Codes will be issued and sent out by end of day on May 3, 2023. Your reverted code will be valued at $50 and can be used without restrictions or stipulations. 


- The original 50/100 credit can ONLY be used on Sweet {Jolie} Clothing and Footwear. This CANNOT be used for Candles, Jewelry, Accessories, Prints, Housewares, Purses, GC's, Subscription Boxes etc...

- These Codes can be used either In-Store or Online

- Codes can ONLY be purchased online and won't be available for purchase in-store

- All items purchased using the original 50/100 credit are considered FINAL SALES. NO Exchanges will be issued, NO Exceptions. Should you not use your code prior to when it reverts back to its original value, your code will be valid for $50 without restrictions or stipulations

- If these are being gifted, the SAME rules apply for the original 50/100 credit

- Coupon Codes and Loyalty Points CANNOT be used to purchase these Credits

- Only ONE original 50/100 credit can be used per transaction and cannot be used toward previously purchased items, no Exceptions. 

- You cannot forfeit a balance on a card, the entire $100 has to be used in one transaction, pre-tax and pre-shipping.

- Shipping Charges are applied AFTER Discounts are applied.

- Cannot be combined with any other offers/promos

- If these codes are not used correctly, your order will be cancelled, your code will be re-issued and you will be notified.

You will receive a SEPARATE email after your confirmation email with your 50/100 Clothing Codes by April 1, 2023.

By purchasing these codes, you have read and agree to the Terms + Conditions listed  above.

There are a limited number of these being released, and once they're sold out, they're gone!!