February 2017 - #sjloveyourself

February 01, 2017

This February we are focused on discussing the importance of people, especially women and girls LOVING THEMSELVES. Valentine's Day is traditionally a day to receive love from others but we challenge you to look at how much more fulfilling it is to love yourself before anyone else. We believe that to truly help empower women and young girls to feel their very best we need to start honest and open conversations with each other on topics that affect our well-being, self-worth and self-image.

There are a number of ways the Sweet {Jolie} Love Yourself campaign is being unfolded. We encourage everyone to participate in any way you feel comfortable.

• With the help of blogger Marisa Peters of www.streamandstoneyeg.com we are writing letters to our younger selves. If you would like to write and share one with Sweet {Jolie} social media followers, please send your letter to customerservice@sweetjolie.com, Subject:Letter to My Younger Self. Think, what would you tell yourself, knowing what you know now about life & love. This could be a message of self care, body positivity or having safe & healthy relationships. Really anything! You can read Marisa's letter on her blog and we have also put some of our team's letters below for you to read.

• Post a photo or message to Instagram that portrays positivity about self-love, self-worth, advice to young girls.... anything that adds to the Love Yourself message. Be sure to tag @sweetjolieboutique and use the hashtag #SJLoveYourself.

• The organization of choice to give back to through a {love} project in the month of February is YWCA Edmonton's GirlSpace. That means a portion of every purchase you make this month will go to this organization that helps strengthen young girls lives. Read more here.

• Stay tuned into Sweet {Jolie}'s Facebook page and Instagram feed all month for inspirational messages, contests and giveaways!

just trust us on this!!

Let's get talking!  #SJLoveYourself

Nicole's Love Letter to Herself:




Erin's Letter to her Younger Self:






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New Boutique Space Open in Downtown Edmonton!!
New Boutique Space Open in Downtown Edmonton!!

July 14, 2017

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"Edmonton-based online women’s clothing retailer Sweet {Jolie} recently opened the doors to its first brick-and-mortar location. The product of successful online crowd-sourcing campaign, Sweet {Jolie} was able to do so due to an astonishing $40,000 raised through ATB Alberta BoostR. The brand will house its first in-house collection, named SJ {Essential}, which has been launched to coincide with the grand opening. Targeted towards a wide-ranging demographic, the brand provides essentials for everyday women."...

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Every Mom is a Mom

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Over this past Mother's Day weekend we highlighted 10 different unique stories of Motherhood on our Facebook page. The journey of motherhood is not the same for us all but when we are honest and share our stories we discover we are not alone. Thank you to all the brave Moms who shared their stories.

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Our {BIGGEST} Look Book Reveal Event EVER!!
Our {BIGGEST} Look Book Reveal Event EVER!!

March 29, 2017

Our {love} project Give-Back Initiative for the month of March was the Edmonton Dream Centre and we were HONORED to have them on-site with us at the Event. The Edmonton Dream Centre provides a proven, accredited opportunity for women and their children who suffer from addiction, poverty, trauma and abusive situations.

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